Thank You, Teachers!

As we celebrate Teacher Appreciation week, we want to take a moment to recognize the amazing work that teachers at Cedars International Academy schools do every day.
Cedars' teachers are not only educators, but also innovators, leaders, mentors, and advocates for their students. They have the freedom and flexibility to design and deliver instruction that meets the diverse needs and interests of their learners. They also have the responsibility and accountability to ensure that their students achieve high academic standards and personal growth. That requires not only a lot of work, but a lot of patience, insight, and love.

We recognize Cedars' teachers face many challenges, but we are continually impressed by how that strengthens our "Cedars Family" through finding the opportunity to collaborate with other teachers, parents, and community partners to create a positive and supportive learning environment. Cedars' teachers have the passion and dedication that truly makes a difference in the lives of their students and their families.

We are grateful for all of our teachers and the impact they have on our society. They are not only teaching subjects, but skills, values, and character.
They are not only preparing students for tests, they are preparing them for life.
They are not only shaping minds, they are shaping futures.

Thank you, Cedars International Academy school teachers, for your hard work and commitment.
You are truly appreciated for who you are and all that you do.
The Cedars International Academy Schools Administration Team